Human Powered Translation API

Smart businesses use our API to get their translation work done, fast. Easily integrate our certified and standard document translation services into your workflow to create a streamlined and efficient end-to-end processes that delivers high quality human translation of documents.

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Use Cases for Our Translation API

While the use cases for our human powered document translation API are infinite and unique to each business, below are some common use cases we see from our clients. If you have questions about your particular use case please submit the interest form below or contact us to discuss.

Our API documentation gives further information about our REST API including the suggested workflow and endpoints available.

Language Service Providers

Other language service providers, such as translation agencies and interpretation services, rely on RushTranslate to provide human document translation services. They utilize our network of professional translators skilled at translating physical documents to fill a gap in their service offerings. Through our API, they can seamlessly integrate our service with theirs, delivering a final product as fast as possible.

Immigration Services

We provide human document translation services for several of the top US immigration service providers. They've built fantastic systems that simplify the preparation and submittal of immigration forms to the US government, including a document review by an immigration attorney. Many of their clients require translations of supporting documents before submitting their applications. Our API provides a way for these businesses to receive those translations without interrupting their workflow. Certified translations for immigration are one of our specialties, so this is a perfect match.

Mortgage Brokers

Buying a house with a mortgage requires a high volume supporting documentation such as tax returns and financial statements, all of which must be in English. For overseas buyers, this means all of these documents must be translated. We work directly with individual brokers through our website, but when a network of brokers needs human document translation services, our API is the go-to solution. Time is of the essence for mortgage brokers as they have a hard deadline for the close. Integrating directly with their CRM, source documents are sent out, and translated documents received back quickly and efficiently ensuring their deadlines are met.

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