Translation Process Overview

Our translation process is simple and straightforward, but understanding the steps involved ahead of time is beneficial. We suggest you read this guide before placing an order.

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Prepare Your Documents

Your original source documents are not required for translation, so we do not accept physical copies of documents mailed to us. We accept files in all standard formats such as PDF, DOCX, JPG uploaded from your computer or mobile device to our website. This is the most secure way to transfer your files as they will be encrypted during transfer as well as when at rest in storage on our server.

Keep in mind that all visible content will be translated including stamps, signatures, notes, etc. so you'll need to redact any content you do not want to be translated before uploading your files.

Obtain Your Word Count

The total word count of your documents will determine the price for both certified translation and standard translation. Certified translation is charged on a per-page basis with a page being defined as 250 words or fewer. Please refer to our guide on counting pages for certified translation for more details. Standard translation is charged on a per-word basis.

If you are unsure of your word count, please request a quote and our support team will be happy to provide the word count for you along with a total price and estimated turnaround time.

Place Your Order

If you've requested a quote, you can checkout directly from your quote status page with a single step. Otherwise, you can head to the order checkout and follow these steps to place your order.

  1. Log in to your account or enter your contact details if checking out as a guest.
  2. Select the type of translation you need and enter details about your documents.
  3. Select any options you require, such as expedited turnaround or notarization.
  4. Enter your payment information, notes for your translator, and submit your order.

Once your order is submitted, you'll be taken to your order status page. This is where you'll manage your order. You can check the order status and details here anytime as well as download translated files, request revisions, and write a review once the order is complete.

Processed and Assigned for Translation

Our support staff will review your order to verify the word count, review, and notes you've left, and check the files to ensure they are legible for translation. Once that is completed your order will be assigned to the translator we feel will be the best match for your files. This is when the estimated turnaround time begins. If for example, you have placed an order for two pages of certified translation with standard turnaround, we expect to have the completed translation back from the translator within 24 hours from when it is assigned to them.

If however, there is an issue that needs to be addressed before assigning the order we will place your order on hold and email you immediately. Please keep an eye on your email as all order updates will be emailed to you, and your prompt response will be helpful to ensure minimal delays in processing.

Review and Approve Your Translation

If you have ordered a certified translation with notarization or shipping of a hard copy, then we will require your approval before certifying and finalizing the order with the selected services. You can approve the translation directly from your order status page. You will receive an email when your order is ready to review and approve.

If the translation requires a revision, you can request this from your order status page as well. Your translator will review the request and apply changes as appropriate. Decisions on revision requests are at the translator's discretion.

Your Order is Complete

You will receive an email notification when your order is complete. You can then download the finalized files from your order status page. If your order includes shipping of a hard copy a tracking number will be emailed to you separately.

While on your order status page we appreciate it if you will submit a review of your order and rate both our service and the quality of the translation you received. This helps us ensure we are meeting the high levels of satisfaction we are aiming for both with our support and translator teams.

Order Status Definitions

Your order will transition through various statuses as it journeys through our workflow. Here is a description of each status, though orders will not experience every status listed.

Status Description
Created Your order has not been placed yet. Please continue the checkout process when you are ready to place your order.
New Your order has been received! Our staff will review the order details and assign it to your translator shortly. We'll email you once your translation is ready for review.
Client Review Your translation is complete and ready for your review. You can approve it as-is or request a revision if needed. Once approved, your translation will be finalized.
On Hold Your order is currently on hold. We've contacted you via email so please check your email and respond if you haven't already.
In Progress Your order is currently in progress, and your documents are being translated. We'll email you once your translation is ready for your review.
In Revision Your translation is currently being revised. We'll email you once revisions are complete and the translation is ready for your review.
In Review Your translation is currently being reviewed by a member of our staff. We'll email you once your translation is ready for your review.
Approved You have approved your translation, and it is ready to be finalized by our staff. Once complete we'll email you.
Finalizing Your translation is in the process of being finalized by our staff. Once complete we'll email you.
Completed Your order is complete. You can download your files, request revisions, write a review, etc. directly from your order status page.
Canceled Your order has been canceled and a refund issued if appropriate.

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