Translation Turnaround Times

We provide estimated turnaround times with all quotes and orders and we meet or exceed those estimates 98% of the time. Read this guide to understand how turnaround times work.

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Understanding Turnaround Times

When we talk about turnaround times, we are referring to the time it takes from when an order is assigned to a translator until the time it is delivered back to the client. Turnaround time doesn't start when the order is placed as the order must be processed first. Our support staff has to verify the order details are correct such as the number of pages selected, review any notes left by the client to pass on what is appropriate to the translator and review the files to ensure they are legible for translation, there are no duplicates, and that they match the source language selected.

We process orders between 7 am - 11 pm PST seven days a week and often have coverage outside of those hours as well. To ensure the quickest processing, we suggest ordering during our standard processing hours. We understand that clients often need their translations quickly, so we prioritize processing new orders to get them assigned to translators as soon as possible.

Turnaround times depend on many factors, including the word count, language pair, current demand, translator availability, and complexity of the source document, to name a few. Since we only use human translators, giving exact turnaround times isn't possible, so we provide estimates. Our estimates include a buffer, and we meet or exceed the estimate provided 98% of the time.

During checkout, the estimated turnaround time for the digital copy will be supplied. If you opt to receive a hard copy as well, there will be additional transit time to deliver the package. We ship hard copies Monday - Friday and require your review and approval of the translation before shipping. Transit time estimates will be provided during checkout based on the destination.

You may also request a quote to get an estimated turnaround time.

Expedited Turnaround

We offer expedited turnaround service as an option when ordering both standard translation and certified translation. With expedited turnaround, your order will be prioritized and extended hours worked so that the estimated turnaround time for digital delivery is reduced by approximately 50%.

We also offer expedited shipping options if you've ordered a hard copy and need it delivered with the fastest service available.

Estimated Turnaround Times

We have a set turnaround time estimate for up to 5,250 words derived from the actual turnaround times of tens of thousands of orders. Above that word count, we use an algorithm to give an accurate and achievable estimated turnaround time range.

Word Count Standard Turnaround Expedited Turnaround
0 - 750 24 hours 12 hours
751 - 2,000 48 hours 24 hours
2,001 - 3,500 3-4 days 1-2 days
3,501 - 5,250 4-5 days 2-3 days
5,251+ Request a quote or start your order for estimated turnaround

Turnaround Options

We strongly prefer to have a single translator to complete an entire order when possible. This ensures the highest level of consistency in word choice, tone, formatting, etc. to deliver the best translation possible. However, sometimes, clients don't have timelines that will work for a single translator. If the source files can be split amongst multiple translators, this is an option.

This will significantly reduce turnaround time depending on the number of translators brought into the project, and we do not charge an additional fee for this. Please contact our support team to discuss options as this type of request is handled on a case-by-case basis.

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