Certified Translation for Legal Use in Court

When submitting documents to the court, they will typically require a certified translation to ensure any translation submitted is true, accurate, and a word-for-word translation of the source.

Translations for Court

Foreign language documents submitted to the court will almost always require a certified translation. Common documents submitted to the court include depositions, prior judgments, evidence, etc. In most cases, courts will define a certified translation as a “complete, true and accurate, word-for-word translation of a source document, that was completed by a professional translator and inclusive of a signed certificate of translation accuracy.”

Please be sure to check the specific requirements of the receiving party as they can vary. If you have questions about acceptance, please contact us with a list of the requirements of the receiving party to and we will review the requirements to help determine if our translation will be accepted.

Certified Translation

This use case typically requires a certified translation. A word-for-word human translation of documents delivered on RushTranslate letterhead including a signed and stamped Certificate of Translation Accuracy for official use as required by U.S. Immigration (USCIS), universities, courts, and many local, state, and federal governments. Learn more.

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