Danish Email Translation

Our professional translators can translate your Danish email quickly and accurately for just $0.10 per word with turnaround times starting at 12 hours.

Standard Translation

Danish email translation for personal or business use

Certified translations of emails are most often required for court proceedings. We’ve worked with many legal teams to produce accurate translations that reflect the email conversation in question. We also regularly supply standard translations of emails and other communications for business and personal use.  

Translations of emails can be difficult due to the abbreviated nature of emails and the use of symbols such as emojis.

Our Danish translators have successfully translated thousands of emails. All Danish translations are performed 100% by professional human translators who are native Danish speakers also fluent in English. We have a strict vetting and quality control process to ensure our high standard are met by all of our Danish translators allowing us to consistently deliver quality work to our clients.

Our standard translations are delivered as an editable Word document with only very basic formatting and no certification or company letterhead. If you need delivery in a different format or have other special requirements please contact us prior to ordering.

Need certification? Order a certified translation instead.

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Digital delivery starting at just 12 hours

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Optional Services

Services available to be ordered with your standard translation.

Expedited Turnaround

Your order will be prioritized and turnaround time for digital delivery reduced by 50%. $0.06 per word.

Original Formatting

We can translate in Powerpoint, Illustrator, or other software to retain your original formatting. Pricing varies – request a quote.

Whatever your use case, we've got you covered

While the use cases for our standard translation services are endless, here are some common use cases that we see daily.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is standard translation?
Standard translations are typically used for business or personal purposes including employee manuals, emails, text messages, financial statements, press releases, legal contracts, blog posts, and many more. We translate both documents and text-based content. Standard translations are priced per word and delivered in an editable format.
What will you deliver to me?
Standard translations are delivered as an editable Microsoft Word document (.docx). If you need another format such as .pages, .txt, .rtf, etc. we can likely accommodate. Standard translations only include basic formatting. If you have complex formatting or need the translation to be completed in the document you supply, please contact us and include a detailed description of your needs.
How long does translation take?
Turnaround time for up to 750 words is estimated at 24 hours or less with standard turnaround and 12 hours or less with expedited turnaround. Turnaround time increases as the word count in your documents increases. Estimates are provided during checkout and on quotes. Learn more.
Can you help me count the words in my documents?
Yes, please request a quote. We’ll be happy to provide the count along with estimated turnaround time and the total price.
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