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Monique A.
English to Arabic

I need a high quality translation as it would be used as part of legal documentation for me to get married in another country. The translation was quick, accurate and professional. I had no issues with the government offices in the other country involving my paperwork. I would use them again if I needed further translation services. Thanks!

Posted October 4, 2016
Erik P.
Hungarian to English

What an amazing service, quick, efficient and reasonable. I was avoiding translating my Hungarian papers for my green card application because I thought it would be a long and expensive process, but rushtranslate totally surprised me. I would recommend it to anyone, the best was that I was able to do everything on my computer and the translation was certified and super fast.

Posted October 4, 2016
Beatriz F.
Spanish to English

Excellent work!, fast, good price and very trustworthy. I requested 3 revisions, they were happy to do them in no time! Very happy to do business with you!

Posted October 3, 2016
Michiko T.
Japanese to English


Posted September 28, 2016
Dzoara D.
Spanish to English

Great service! The document was given to me in a timely manner and would definitely use them again! 

Posted September 27, 2016
Brian H.
English to German

I was perfectly satisfied with the translation.  Thank you so much! 

Posted September 23, 2016
Xavier H.
French to English

I have used Rushtranslate to translate documents regarding the sale of a real estate property and the inheritance papers associated with it from the original French to English.  I needed these documents for the IRS.  I requested that all amounts be in US dollars according to the conversion given by the IRS.  The translation was done very quickly and very professionally.  Best of all the IRS accepted these documents and my tax return went through without a problem.   The price was very competitive with the other services I looked at.  I am very happy with my choice and I highly recommend Rushtranslate.

Posted September 23, 2016
Priya S.
Hindi to English

It was great working with rush translate. I was provided a great service in a timely manner. I would definitely refer them to friends and whoever needs the services.

Great job!!!

Posted September 22, 2016
Hagit B.
Hebrew to English

Professional, quick with a great customer service!

Posted September 21, 2016
Rafal K.
Polish to English

Happy from the work done by RushTranslate. The translation was 100% correct and accepted by the US officials. 

Posted September 16, 2016
Max W.
German to English

Surprisingly accurate and competent in difficult out of the main stream texts. Very good indeed.

Posted September 11, 2016
Russell W.
Spanish to English

I needed my fiancée's old marriage and divorce papers translated and certified for her visa application. It was handled quickly and professionally.  I double checked the translation and found it to be perfect.  I could have translated myself, but the US immigration wanted a certified translation and RushTranslate could not have done a better job.  Very pleased.

Posted September 8, 2016
Quoc A.
Czech to English

Everything was done fast and correctly. Would recommend using their services.

Posted September 7, 2016
Lianette R.
Spanish to English

Good service at a good price fast, certified and legitimate. You can review the draft and make necessary corrections and if you have a problem you can easily communicate by phone and e-mail. I recommend it.

Posted September 7, 2016
Aarak B.
English to Chinese (Simplified)

Rush Translate did a great job with translation of documents required for getting married to my wife in China. We received our documents swiftly and conveniently and had no problem using them in China at the civil affairs office in my wife's hometown.

Posted September 1, 2016
Jennifer A.
Tagalog to English

 Fast transaction and very convenient. I’m very satisfied with the service that was provided. 

Posted August 30, 2016
Greg D.
Russian to English

We needed birth certificates and some other official documents translated from Russian to English for a Visa.  The US Embassy and USCIS accepted the documents no problem!  Very quick and professional service that worked for our visas.

Posted August 29, 2016
Pamela H.
Chinese (Traditional) to English

Competent, fast, good quality. Thanks!

Posted August 22, 2016
Baraka M.
Latin to English

Beautiful translation work & very friendly/helpful/accomodating staff! They were also very efficient and fast.

Posted August 22, 2016
Portuguese (Brazil) to English

I was very pleased with the fast turnaround time, professional output and quality of the translation (Portuguese to English). We needed documents translated for our green card application and this was exactly what we needed. I am bi-lingual and can attest to the quality of the translation. Doing everything online from submitting my documents and making payment was seamless. I would definitely use Rush Translate again. 

Posted August 21, 2016
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