Translation Guides

These guides will help you navigate the translation and submittal process. It can be tricky if you aren't experienced, but we are here to help. Our FAQ has additional helpful information.

Certified and Standard Translation Differences

While the same translators perform both types of translation, the final deliverable varies greatly. This guide will help ensure you order the correct translation type for your purposes.

How to Count Pages for Certified Translations

Pages for certified translations are calculated based on the total word count of the document. Follow this guide to learn how to count the words and calculate the page count accurately.

Notarization for Certified Translations

We offer a 50-state valid notarization for your translation certification. This guide explains the ins and outs of notarization as it relates to certified translation.

How to Obtain an Apostille for a Notarized Certified Translation

Follow this guide to obtain an apostille to authenticate the notarization on our Certificate of Translation Accuracy for the international use of your translation.

USCIS Translation Requirements

One of the most critical uses of certified translations relates to document submissions to USCIS. Follow this guide to ensure your translated documents are accepted without issue.

Foreign Credential Evaluation

Translation and credential evaluation are two different specialties but are often both required. This guide will help you understand the difference and workflow between the two.

Translation Process Overview

Our translation process is simple and straightforward, but understanding the steps involved ahead of time is beneficial. We suggest you read this guide before placing an order.

Translation Turnaround Times

We provide estimated turnaround times with all quotes and orders and we meet or exceed those estimates 98% of the time. Read this guide to understand how turnaround times work.

Glossary of Translation Terms

If you don't order translations regularly there might be some terminology you are unfamiliar with. This guide provides definitions for common terms you might run across.